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Texas Precinct Chair Candidate Pursues Young Boys

Nacogdoches County Precinct Chair candidate Ryan Cook has been exposed for allegedly trying to hit on boys as young as 15. The news broke on X and was quickly brought to the mainstream by Defend Our Kids: Texas executive director Sara Gonzales, George Santos, and a “pervert alert” issued by John Doyle

Ryan Cook is a 'never-Trumper' who has endorsed several anti-Trump candidates throughout the primary election season. He engaged in phone banking for Jill Dutton, receiving multiple handwritten letters from her expressing gratitude. Cook has also expressed support for various establishment candidates, gaining attention on X with an extensive list of endorsements, including unwavering support for Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan.

Ryan Cook is running for the Precinct 34 Chair in Nacogdoches County, which encompasses the college he attends, Stephen F. Austin State University. He has posted pictures of himself getting other students to register to vote and has disseminated his voter guide for the 2024 primary race. 

A number of people have spoken up about their personal experiences with Ryan Cook, some of whom are boys as young as 15. All of them share similar stories, saying Cook was extremely creepy and needed to get help. Current reports say that Cook did not share any sexually explicit content with minors. One has to wonder, would that be the case if the victims hadn't shut him down? He did, however, send a picture of his naked butt to a 19-year-old on X.

Actions such as these have no place in the Republican Party. We are calling for Ryan Cook to suspend his campaign immediately and seek professional help. He is a danger to children and should not hold any position of power.

Update: Some of the accounts involved in this story have admitted to making fake messages. The information that was gathered from Sara Gonzales, which is what this article was based upon, still stand true. We will continue to update the story as the information is given to us.


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