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Massive Pro-Palestine Protests Breaking Out At Texas College Campuses

The war in the Holy Land has caused a massive rift between many Americans. The ongoing fight between Israel and Hamas has brought chaos to college campuses across the country, and this week, turned some Texas campuses into battlegrounds. Pro-Palestinian students created such an uprise at one campus that DPS Troopers had to be deployed to get the situation under control. 

The University of Texas at Austin ended the day with a number of arrests after “peaceful protests” turned sour. A number of videos show footage of State Troopers tackling protestors to quell the riots. UT students faced arrests and potential criminal records over a war that they have no direct involvement in. Some students of Palestinian and Jewish heritage were in the protest, but most of the people had no possible connection to either group and were still infuriated, begging the question: Why are college students more worried about a foreign conflict than issues here at home?

Our border is flooding with illegal aliens, which has proven to be a major threat as seen with the murder of University of Georgia student Laken Riley by an illegal immigrant.  Children are being exposed to toxic gender ideology and the sanctity of life is constantly called into question by pro-abortion advocates. The traditional family unit is under attack and our way of life is seen as “intolerant” towards people who want to do whatever they want with zero repercussions. 

College campuses have always been known to be the first to respond to any social issue. In more recent times, they have become institutions of Marxist ideology. Professors and administrative staff have slowly weeded out traditional avenues of thought and replaced them with “woke” ideologies. Students are being taught to critique and despise America rather than understand the fundamental values that make us who we are. Professors lecture on the “utopian” ideas of socialism while tearing down the system that has made the U.S. into what it is today. The same students and faculty who espouse radical gender ideology and “tolerance” are the same ones chanting “Free Palestine” in support of a group that would likely exile or execute them for their liberal beliefs.


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