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Austin Becoming A Sanctuary City For Child Genital Mutilation

Child genital mutilation, which progressives refer to as “gender-affirming care,” has been a major point of contention in Texas after the 88th legislature passed Senate Bill 14 (SB 14). Senate Bill 14 prohibits “procedures and treatments for gender transitioning, gender reassignment, or gender dysphoria and on the use of public money or public assistance to provide those procedures and treatments.” The bill, which has faced an uphill battle in the courts, prevents doctors from performing life-altering gender procedures on minors, including surgeries and puberty blockers. 

Now, the City of Austin is attempting to make itself a sanctuary city for “gender-affirming care” at a city council meeting next week.

Item 64 is the resolution on the agenda for the May 2 Austin City Council meeting. The State of Texas has already made the decision to draw a line in the sand and take a stand for children, but the City of Austin has other plans. They claim a majority of adults in the United States believe children should have access to life-altering “gender-affirming care.” The city council also cited a study that says LGBTQ children believe “gender-affirming care” helps their mental state. There are two main problems with the justifications used: 1) The city council is basing serious medical decisions on a study surveying mentally unstable children and 2) their data citing widespread public support is not based on a Texas resident demographic.

Texas already has a serious issue with transitioning children, and now, it isn’t from a purely medical standpoint. Social transitioning has become a new method that deranged parents and progressive school districts have used to skirt SB 14. Social transitioning allows minors to change their name, pronouns, appearance (clothing and hairstyles), the bathroom they use, and much more. 

An infamous example of social transitioning can be seen in the case of Jeff Younger, a man whose ex-wife socially transitioned his son from the age of two. Younger’s ex-wife conditioned the child from such an early age, he fully believed he was a girl when he was able to formulate thoughts and sentences on his own. Now, Younger’s ex-wife has fled the state in order to physically transition his son, presumably with puberty blockers and genital mutilation. Austin City Council cited in their resolution that people are regularly leaving Texas to transition their children in other states. 

Austin is waging a cultural war against the rest of Texas with this resolution. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has made his position clear, he will protect the innocence of children no matter what. In this state, we believe in protecting children so they can thrive and carry on our values and traditions to their future families. “Gender-affirming care” directly attacks this idea and prevents children with mental issues from recovering and living a healthy life when they are adults. Austin is clearly showing they have no regard for doing things the Texas way and would rather be more in line with states like California or New York. We must fight against the evil that is penetrating the capital and fight to keep Texas sane.


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