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Anderson's Distillery and Grill Faces Relocation Due to TFP's Stand for Children

In a triumphant stand for traditional values and the defense of our children, Anderson's Distillery and Grill in Roanoke has been forced to close its doors and seek a storefront elsewhere. This outcome is largely due to the relentless efforts of the Texas Family Project and other Pro-Family groups, a beacon of pro-family advocacy, that exposed the restaurant's decision to host an "all-ages" drag show.

The event, which took place last year, showcased drag queen Trisha Delish (the owner's son) and several other provocatively dressed drag queens in performances that many deemed inappropriate for children. While the owner attempted to frame the event as an "inclusive environment," it was clear to many that it was a direct affront to Texas' cherished family values.

This was the first “kid friendly” drag show we covered.

Texas Family Project, along with other pro-family organizations like Protect Texas Kids, took a firm stand against the event, highlighting its vulgarity, the sexualization of minors, and the partial nudity on display. Their unwavering commitment to preserving the sanctity of family values in the community was evident in their swift and effective response.

While members of the Pro-Family Cavalry peacefully protested outside the venue (earning high-fives and applause from passersby), Anderson’s owner called upon the Elm Fork John Brown Gun Club to stand armed, clad in rainbow and black face coverings.

Sara Gonzales, of Defend Our Kids Texas, was quick to attribute the restaurant's impending closure to the "community pushback", which was spearheaded by the Texas Family Project. She poignantly remarked, "The owner lamented that business was never the same after the community, guided by the Texas Family Project's principles, chose to support other establishments that better reflected their values."

While Anderson's Distillery and Grill may be seeking refuge in Denton, the Texas Family Project's influence is far-reaching. It serves as a reminder that Texas will always champion its pro-family ethos and that businesses must align with these values or face the consequences.

In a further affirmation of Texas' dedication to its children, new legislation preventing sexualized performances targeting minors will be enacted on September 1. This is a testament to the state's unwavering commitment to safeguarding its young citizens.


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