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CHAOS: Anti-Family Left ATTACKS Prayer Warriors Outside of Ft. Worth Drag Show

Over the last two weeks, DOKTX has been alerting you to a “Family Friendly” drag show that was scheduled to take place last Sunday, the 22nd, in Fort Worth at Fort Brewery.

Unfortunately, instead of enforcing an age restriction, the business owners decided to double down. The show went on, and while I wasn’t able to be on the inside this time, we’ve seen social media posts from some of the drag queens involved. I can assure you this was probably one of the more obscene shows that has taken place in Texas with children present.

The Elm Fork John Brown Gun Club, a group of radical leftists that stands in front of venues hosting these shows with tactical vests, long guns, and much more, was also present. Even though there were no threats of violence from us or other groups who had shown up to protest, EFJBGC claims they are there to protect the drag queens and ensure that their grooming and perversion of our children goes on without a hitch.

Elm Fork weren’t the only people standing by. The New Columbia Movement stood across the street from the venue, praying for all those inside, especially the children being exposed to the obscene dancing and gestures occurring within the venue.

Things got out of hand when several Elm Fork members crossed over and sprayed praying New Columbia Movement members with pepper spray. This violent attack was completely unprovoked and out of nowhere.

Thankfully, the prayer warriors are okay. As luck would have it, they were actually standing right under a camera, which the Fort Worth Police Department used to identify the attackers.

When FWPD moved in to make the arrest, the ring leader of EFJBGC attempted to obstruct them. The attacker, the ring leader, and a third Elm Fork member who attacked police during the attempted arrest, were all taken into custody and are now facing charges.

EFJBC are begging their fellow communists across the world to help raise money for the legal fees they will face as a result of the incident, despite being blatantly caught on camera being ruthless thugs.

Defend Our Kids Texas and the rest of the Pro-Family Cavalry will never be intimidated by these tactics, and will always fight to keep our children safe from the Anti-Family Left’s behavior and attempts to sexualize our kids.


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