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What The Texas Runoff Election Means For Texas Families

The Texas Republican primaries were one of the biggest warzones politics has ever seen. Over half of the incumbents were unseated, sending many to runoff elections. Results are in, and the stage is now set, to see who will face-off the Democrats in November. 

Political Earthquake…

The race that everyone had their eyes on was House Speaker Dade Phelan facing off against David Covey. Speaker Phelan has faced a lot of criticism after his attempt to impeach Attorney General Ken Paxton. While Phelan won by a thin margin, many in the party, including Rep. Tom Oliverson, has pledged himself to see that Phelan is replaced. 

In other districts we saw David Lowe, Keresa Richardson and AJ Louderback each won their races. These newly elected members have signed the Texas Family Pledge.  One victory we are celebrating is David Lowe unseating Stephanie Klick. Klick voted to continue giving taxpayer dollars to facilities that exploit vulnerable kids. The pro-family fighters who signed the Texas Family Pledge were very successful in the Republican primary because Texas voters know that we must put the family unit first in Austin.

Thin Margin of Victory…

Both House Speaker Dade Phelan and Representative Tony Gonzales won their races with a thin margin of 50.7% of the vote, which is the difference of only 366 votes. Incumbents have historically won 95% of their races. This election cycle we saw 69% of incumbents lose their race. This is a huge win for pro-family Texans. 

The Future…

This election cycle has proven that Texans are tired of the classic “we’re working on it” with nothing actually getting done. Texans are tired of the flood of illegal aliens coming through the southern border bringing deadly drugs, and physically harming Texas families. Texans are tired of the indoctrination and sexualization of children in Texas public schools. Texans are tired of the family unit being put last in Austin and want pro-family fighters leading the way.


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