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What is the School Choice Bill and What Does it Mean For You?


In a pivotal moment for education reform, Texas is poised to implement a transformative school choice bill. This Education Savings Account (ESA) program, which would be granted through Texas SB 1, empowers parents with the freedom to shape their child's education, aligning it with their core values.

Texas SB1 Logistics:

At its core, Texas SB 1 is a response to the challenges posed by government-run public schools. The ESA program, allocating $8,000 per qualifying child, allows parents to break free from educational environments that promote ideologies contrary to conservative values. SB 1 ensures parents can redirect their child's education to cut out sexualized books, LGBTQ propaganda, and leftist ideologies.

With provisions benefiting just over 60,000 students, Texas SB 1 is a tangible demonstration of school choice. By injecting competition into the educational landscape, the bill seeks to hold public schools accountable for their commitment to education. The $8,000 per child becomes a potent tool for parents, enabling them to invest in educational alternatives like accredited private schools. The savings account could be used for materials a child might need, lunch money, or uniforms for the school they choose to attend.

Advocates Stand Behind the Bill:

Senator Creighton's steadfast commitment to conservative principles has played a pivotal role in shepherding Texas SB 1 through the Senate Education Committee. Advocates like Brady Gray, President of Texas Family Project, have rallied behind the bill, recognizing it as a beacon of hope for parents seeking to cut propaganda out of their children's education. SB 1's success in the Senate Education Committee sets a good precedent that this bill could pass through the Senate, but it isn’t certain.

The Road Ahead:

As Texans eagerly await the Senate vote on SB 1, the bill's champions are optimistic about its potential to reshape education in the state. If and when it passes through the Senate, the next challenge will be the House. With a RINO speaker like Dade Phelan, there’s no telling if the bill will be shot down. Gov. Greg Abbott has called for this bill, or a bill like it, to be set in place, so we will be sure to push updates as we have them.


Texas Family Project, standing unwaveringly behind SB 1, sees it as a powerful tool to empower parents with the right to shape their child's education in alignment with Texan principles. As the bill inches closer to a Senate vote, the prospect of reshaping the educational landscape in Texas to reflect conservative ideals looms large. SB 1 is a testament to the belief that parents, guided by their values, should wield the authority to determine the educational path that best aligns with their principles.


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