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The Urgent Need for School Choice in Texas

Addressing Indoctrination, Student Safety, and Academic Performance

The battle over school choice in Texas, where concerns about indoctrination, student safety, and declining academic performance have been on the rise. With each day that passes with little parental control over where their children attend school, it becomes increasingly clear that Texas needs school choice now more than ever.

Indoctrination in schools is a growing concern for many parents. While Texas took steps to limit inappropriate books and materials in schools in addition to CRT and DEI, there is still much more work to be done. Even if we were to neutralize the threat of pornographic materials and other books that intend to rob our children of their innocence, it will be nearly impossible to ensure that teachers, administrators, and counselors aren’t doing the same. School choice empowers parents to select educational institutions that align with their values and educational goals, thereby mitigating the risk of indoctrination.

Student safety is another critical issue. Recent reports of rampant sexual abuse in Texas schools have left parents deeply concerned about their children's wellbeing. Not to mention the slew of vicious fight videos occurring on school grounds going viral on social media every day. School choice would allow parents to choose safe educational environments for their children, ensuring they can learn in a secure, safe, and nurturing setting.

Plummeting test scores and overall literacy in Texas schools are a stark reminder of the need for academic reform. School choice would foster a competitive environment among schools, encouraging them to improve their academic standards and teaching methodologies to attract students.

Finally, parents from El Paso to Beaumont have expressed concerns about schools hosting Pride Month activities. While most schools are not in session during June, many “celebrated pride” in April, while others like Austin ISD will take part in festivities in August. Let’s be clear: forcing minors to take part in celebrations of the LGBTQ+ mafia is immoral, should be illegal, and is participating in the sexualization of children.

Kids should be learning about math, science, history, literature, and critical thinking at school. They shouldn’t be forced to take part in marches centered around sexual orientation.

School choice in Texas is not just a matter of preference—it's a necessity. It's about ensuring that our children have access to an education that safeguards their wellbeing, equips them with the academic skills they need to succeed, and puts the parents in control.


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