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Texas Legislators Go On Vacation, Fail to Defend Texas Kids

As of this writing, 5 states have signed laws which ban and/or severely limit the gender transitioning of minors. Two other states have similar legislation that has been voted on and passed in at least one legislative chamber. None of these states are Texas.

In fact, Texas’ legislative session is off to its latest start in history, and the House just adjourned for a 5 day vacation… in February.

Rep. Tony Tinderholt expressed his dissatisfaction with the entire House chamber before they adjourned for the break.

Many across the country wonder why Texas is falling behind in so many family issues like protecting our children from gender transitioning, sexually explicit materials in libraries, obscene all-age drag shows, abortion, DEI, and other forms of indoctrination in our schools.

The unfortunate truth is this: the political establishment in Austin doesn’t care.

Last month I wrote about the GENECIS Clinic in Dallas that is chemically castrating Texas kids in the name of “gender affirming care.” Everyday there are innocent children subjected to Dr. Ximena Lopez’s activism disguised as medical care.

The Texas Legislature could put an end to it. They could protect these children at any moment. They could get the ball rolling and take action, but they don’t.

“Why don’t they?” you’re probably asking yourself.

Well, among many reasons that vary from rep to rep and senator to senator, the chief cause is that we are not making our voices heard. Despite being angered at our elected officials’ inaction, we still turn around and vote for them in March and November, we still donate to them, and we don’t do much except complain on Facebook and Twitter. We don’t speak up and we often don’t use our God given voice to be a voice for the voiceless.

That’s why I founded Texas Family Project and Defend Our Kids Texas. Between the hyper-sexual “kid friendly” drag shows that we’ve convinced to cancel or enforce age minimums, and the work we are doing to organize faith leaders through our Pastor’s Coalition, we have proven that our voices do have power. As a collective pro-family force, we will become not just the loudest, but the most effective voice in Austin.

Despite the Austin Establishment’s and Anti-Family Left’s best efforts, the Pro-Family Cavalry will win.


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