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Tarrant County Woman Sues Over Botched Gender Transition Surgery

In a horrifying testament to the irreversible damage inflicted by the reckless practice of transitioning minors, a 21-year-old detransitioner from Tarrant County is courageously taking a stand against the medical mafia.

Soren Aldaco is suing her doctors for a staggering $1 million over a botched surgery, shedding light on the growing detransitioner movement and the devastating lifelong consequences of transitioning minors.

Aldaco, who was pushed down the destructive path of gender transition at the vulnerable age of 17, accuses her doctors of gross negligence. The lawsuit alleges that these so-called medical professionals, blinded by their ideological agenda, completely disregarded her complex mental health conditions, including autism, depression, and anxiety, when evaluating her for a gender transition.

The story of so-called medical professionals using minors with mental health conditions like those Soren listed as in her lawsuit lifelong customers in the gender industry is all too common.

The lawsuit implicates several defendants, including Del Scott Perry, Sreenath Nekkalapu, Barbara Rose Wood, Richard Santucci, Ashley DeLeon, Crane Clinic LLC, Texas Health Physicians Group, Three Oaks Counseling Group LLC, and Mesa Springs LLC. All of these defendants were complicit in pursuing "experimental 'gender affirming' medical therapies" on Aldaco, a vulnerable teenager already grappling with a multitude of mental health issues.

The lawsuit paints a chilling picture of the aftermath of these interventions, which led to Aldaco's permanent disfigurement and intense psychological scarring. Despite glaring red flags demanding caution and therapeutic resolution, Aldaco's physicians deliberately and recklessly propelled her down a path of permanent physical disfigurement and worsening psychological distress.

Aldaco's case is far from isolated. She is part of a rapidly growing number of young detransitioners, particularly women, who are courageously standing up to the medical establishment for facilitating their ill-advised gender transitions. Detransitioners are individuals who, after being led down the path of changing their gender through hormonal or surgical interventions, come to regret this decision and return to living as their biological sex.

The lawsuit graphically describes the horrific aftermath of Aldaco's botched double mastectomy, performed by Dr. Ashley DeLeon and Dr. Richard Santucci. The young woman was left in excruciating pain, grappling with a bloody and bewildering recovery process. The lawsuit alleges that when Aldaco reached out to Dr. Santucci with emergency post-surgical complications, he dismissively downplayed her complications and did not advise her to seek emergency care.

This traumatic ordeal ultimately led Aldaco to a heartbreaking realization: neither the testosterone nor her surgery had helped her feel comfortable in her body. She learned that her body was not the problem at all; the problem was with her perception and expectation of her body that society and social media had all but forced upon her.

This case underscores the irreversible harm caused by gender transition procedures on minors and the growing detransitioner movement. It serves as a stark reminder of the need for caution and therapeutic resolution when dealing with minors struggling with gender identity issues. The irreversible damage caused by transitioning minors is a matter of grave concern, and it's high time we address it.


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