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Target's Missteps: A Corporate Pride Recap

Target, a household name in the retail industry, came under fire this summer for its controversial “Pride” collection and marketing campaigns. Even more recently, Seven Republican attorneys general have warned the company that the collection may contain items that violate child-protection laws, raising serious concerns about the corporation's commitment to safeguarding the interests of its young consumers.

The group, led by Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita, argued that the Pride collection, launched in June, was "potentially harmful to minors" and threatened the economic interests of the corporation's shareholders due to ensuing boycotts. The attorneys general, representing states including Arkansas, Idaho, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, and South Carolina, expressed their commitment to enforcing their states' child protection and parental rights laws.

The Pride collection at Target included a range of products that critics deemed inappropriate. Specific items included a girls' swimsuit that advertised its applicability to "tuck" male genitalia, a feature used by transgender women. Other products included Pride-themed onesies and bibs for babies. These items, critics argue, infringe upon parental authority in matters of sex and gender identity.

These not-so subtle moves are nothing less than an attempt at normalizing the sexualization of our children. Consumers, specifically families, took notice.

The Results?

The Pride collection, which directly targeted children, led to a nearly 20% fall in Target's stock, suggesting that the company's leadership may have acted on collateral interests rather than in the best interest of the company. The attorneys general argued that the corporation's leadership acted negligently and must prioritize business over politics.

As consumers, it is crucial that we hold corporations accountable for their actions and demand that they prioritize the welfare of all their customers, especially the most vulnerable ones. This June, corporate suits in a slew of industries learned the hard way that caving to the Anti-Family Left is a losing strategy.

It’s imperative that we, the Pro-Family Cavalry, hold the line and continue to punish companies that aim to sexualize our kids.

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