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Lewisville ISD Teacher Showing Up In Full Drag

A Lewisville ISD teacher reportedly has a fetish for wearing women’s clothing. This teacher, Rachmad Tjachyadi, can’t even figure out what his gender is, so how would parents be confident that he could properly teach their children without the potential for political or societal indoctrination?

Many Texan families are aware of the education indoctrination schemes in states like California and New York but fail to realize that it’s happening in our own backyard. Texas has a serious public education problem that needs to be addressed.

Last year alone, over 100 Texas educators were arrested and/or convicted for crimes against children. This number is growing year after year, and the safeguards being put in by the legislation are not enough. For Texan parents to have their faith restored in the education system, massive change must occur.

A substitute teacher from this same school was seen inappropriately recording a female student and has been let go by the district. 

So what is the solution to solving this crisis? School choice legislation would be a huge step forward in getting this issue handled. Giving parents the opportunity to pull their children out of failing schools would create more competition within the schools forcing public schools to improve. It would force the creation of new systems and safeguards for hiring practices and systems designed to protect children.

Legislation, such as the READER Act, which was designed to protect children in schools, is being held up in federal courts, so the need for school choice is evident. With this legislation, there wouldn’t be contests and games being played in the courts that would have an immediate impact on protecting our children and giving parents more rights.

The ballot box is the battleground for legislation to protect children in schools. The fight for school choice is not over in the state of Texas. We must continue to fight for parents' rights in the public education system.


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