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Lewisville ISD Drag Teacher Has Resigned

On February 15, we reported on a teacher dressed in drag at a Lewisville ISD high school. A man by the name of Rachmad Tjachyadi was seen on video walking around school in a pink dress with a pink cowboy hat, an outfit that most female teachers wouldn’t even consider wearing.

Many Texans believe that situations like this are only happening in California or New York, but in reality, they’re happening in our own backyard. Drag queens should not be teachers, or anywhere around children for that matter. Sexuality should not be taught to children by grown men who can’t even figure it out for themselves.

Rachmad Tjachyadi has officially resigned, according to Libs of TikTok. This is proof that in order to get things done to protect families and children, we need Texans to stand up. If this video had never been taken and there wasn’t any public backlash, the drag teacher would still be operating in Texas. If you have your children in public school and things don’t seem right, have them take videos. For things to change, we must expose degeneracy like this.

How do we fix this problem in Texas schools? The answer is school choice and education freedom. Many people claim that school choice will pull money from public schools or destroy public education, but this simply isn’t true. School choice will bring competition to public education and force schools to take action when situations like this arise. Public schools will stop sexualizing children if they know that their enrollment and funding are on the line

Texas families want and need educational freedom - the primary election proved just that. Many of the pro-school-choice candidates unseated establishment incumbents. Instances like what happened in Lewisville ISD are firing up parents across the state, and they’re demanding change.


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