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Fort Worth Seeking “DEI Champions” To “Celebrate Diversity”

The DEI trend has been taking over the country over the past several years and has been a big debate point over the last couple of weeks as Texas has banned DEI departments from public funded higher education institutions. DEI stands for diversity, equity, and inclusion but is a mask for many items that negatively impact the family unit. The city of Fort Worth management has taken it upon themselves to champion this failing cause.

Fort Worth has put out some ground rules on the requirements to become a “Diversity Matters Champion.” You must attend at least five of the six diversity events they have set up. They have the black history month event, asian American and pacific islander heritage month, juneteenth, pride month, hispanic heritage month, and finally native American heritage month. You either have to attend in person or online. If you’re attending online you have to submit a comment on something you learned from the event to the city.

The major thing to notice is that almost every one of the events they have listed are inherently divisive. These events help nobody and only keep people in the victim mindset. They aren’t making a push to celebrate families or economic growth, they are pushing events like pride month whose sole purpose is to spread homosexuality. 

Fort Worth is commonly referred to as “Cowtown” or “The Start of the West” and the city should be promoting ideals that reflect that. Many people who come to Fort Worth come to escape the liberal areas they live in whether that be Dallas, Austin, or Houston. Residents of Fort Worth don’t care about having city management championing DEI and most are in fact against it. 

Fort Worth is slowly taking a decline both physically and politically. The liberal agenda has finally hit one of the largest red counties in the country. There are some fighters in Tarrant county that will keep it a good place for families to live as long as the residents don’t buy into this propaganda being promoted by the city managers.


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