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Fort Worth ISD Board Meeting: Protecting Children from Explicit Content in School Libraries

The Fort Worth ISD board meeting recently became a focal point for concerned parents and community members who are taking a stand against explicit content in school libraries. As the President of the Texas Family Project, I want to shed light on this critical issue that affects our children's education.

The controversy began with the discovery of books like "Flamer" by Mike Curato in Fort Worth ISD's elementary and middle school libraries. These books, filled with sexual content, have no place in our children's education. The district's decision to pull these books is a step in the right direction, but more must be done to ensure that inappropriate materials are kept out of our schools. That’s why we are thrilled that the school district has shut down their libraries so they can reevaluate the literary materials that students have access to.

While the district spent a staggering $860 Million last year, it only maintained a 29% reading literacy rate amongst its students. This alarming statistic highlights the misplaced priorities of Fort Worth ISD. The focus should be on improving literacy and providing quality education, not pushing explicit content.

If a book is too explicit to be read aloud to adults, it's too explicit for our children.

We must put an end to exposing children to explicit materials and protect their innocence. Just as movies have ratings to protect young viewers, books should also be held to the same standard. If you wouldn’t allow your children to watch movies with explicit content, why would you be okay with letting them read it?

Texas Family Project stands firm in our commitment to stop sexualizing kids. We will continue to fight for decency, common sense, and the well-being of our children. We believe in prioritizing real education, instilling values, and preparing our children for a successful future free of sexual indoctrination.

The battle over explicit content in Fort Worth ISD libraries is a critical issue that we must solve together. We must not allow the voices that seek to protect our children to be silenced. The Texas Family Project is dedicated to ensuring that our children receive the quality education they deserve, free from inappropriate materials.


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