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Empowering Parents: North Carolina to be a Starting Point in Texas School Choice Legislation

In the ongoing debate over education, parental empowerment is at the heart of what we’re pushing. Recently, North Carolina took a significant step in aligning with this principle by passing a bill that expands its existing school scholarship program to include families from all income levels. This initiative has ignited a beacon of hope for conservatives across the nation, including Texas, where we eagerly anticipate Governor Greg Abbott's call for a special session to discuss school choice.

A Decade of School Scholarships in North Carolina

North Carolina has been a trailblazer in the school choice movement for ten years. Their existing school scholarship program has provided an essential lifeline for lower-income families, enabling them to choose an educational path beyond the confines of their assigned public schools.

The New Proposal: Expanding Eligibility

North Carolina's recent legislative triumph involved passing a bill in the House that not only bolsters the funding for the school scholarship program but also expands eligibility to include families from all income brackets by increasing the budget by almost $400 million per year. Higher-income families won’t be eligible for the full funding like low-income families are, but will be granted a minimum of 45% of the scholarship.

Leveling the Playing Field

Texas has the opportunity to capitalize on the recent success of the North Carolina legislature. With Republicans having the majority in the House and Senate, combined with the support of Governor Abbott, we could potentially pass a bill equal to, or better than the bill passed in North Carolina. We currently don’t have any system in place to help parents who don’t want their children indoctrinated by liberal public school teachers. Many would argue that anything getting passed would be an improvement, but with the full support of Texas voters, we demand that an equal resolution to that of North Carolina is quickly passed.


We believe that North Carolina's expansion of the school scholarship program is a model for the nation. Texas now stands at the threshold of a new era in education, eagerly awaiting Governor Greg Abbott's call for a special session on school choice. By adhering to these demands of Texas voters, we can ensure that all Texas families have the freedom to make the best educational choices for their children, thus ushering in a brighter future for our great state.


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