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DOKTX's Sara Gonzales Booted from "All-Ages Friendly" Drag Show in Fort Worth

Earlier this week, YET ANOTHER so-called “all ages” drag show took place at Tulips in Fort Worth.

Our sister organization, Defend Our Kids Texas, sent a team of undercover citizen journalists led by Executive Director Sara Gonzales.

As Sara attempted to enter the venue and attend the event that she had tickets for, she was denied entry. The venue had printed and handed out pictures of her to performers to keep them on the lookout.

They knew ahead of time that if you plan on hosting a drag show with children present in the state of Texas, we will be there to expose the sexual chaos happening in front of children.

Clearly, Sara and our team are building a reputation for working around the clock to expose “all ages” drag shows.

While Sara was unable to attend, other members of the DOKTX team were able to enter and film the child abuse taking place. They reported that several children were there and witnessed the sexual indecency that took place.

One of the drag queens sat on a barstool and had his genitalia on full display for minors in the front row.

Sara, the rest of Defend our Kids Texas, and Texas Family Project will never stop working to shine a light on what really happens at venues like Tulips.

Grotesque drag shows are no place for a child. Defend our Kids Texas is gaining notoriety for their work defending children.

Wherever there is an “all ages” drag show in Texas, DOKTX will be there to expose it. Is your town hosting a sexually explicit event for children? Report it here.


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