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Dallas ISD Puts Out Resources To Aid Child Gender Mutilation

It has been discovered by The Dallas Express, according to Texas Scorecard, that the Dallas Independent School District (DISD) released a guide to parents and staff that had several highly questionable sources that could potentially be dangerous for children. This document can only be viewed if you get permission from the school district, but it was available on X briefly. The intentional concealment of this document underscores a radical ideology that is infiltrating our public schools.

The Covert Agenda:

By keeping this guide hidden from public scrutiny, the DISD is perpetuating a left-wing agenda that goes beyond traditional education. The intentional suppression of information suggests a blatant disregard for public accountability and a calculated attempt to mold young minds in accordance with radical leftist ideologies.

Exploiting Innocence:

A closer look at the guide reveals an unsettling focus on the irreversible transformation of child genital mutilation. The inclusion of the Transgender Map resource provides explicit advice on surgical procedures such as jaw and chin surgery, hip and thigh augmentation, and vaginoplasty. This exploitation of innocence for the sake of promoting a leftist agenda is not just alarming; it's an egregious violation of parental trust.

Dangerous Indoctrination:

Subjecting impressionable minds to explicit content that endorses gender mutilation is a form of indoctrination that undermines parental authority. The DISD's role should be to impart knowledge, not to promote an ideology that contradicts the principles upheld by many parents. The families of Dallas need to be aware of this ideological manipulation and take action to protect their children from these harmful influences.

The Leftist Alliance:

The guide's links to doctors across the United States willing to perform these procedures reveal an alarming alliance between the DISD and the leftist medical establishment. By endorsing resources that facilitate mutilative surgeries, the school district is actively aligning itself with an ideology that disregards the moral and ethical implications of such procedures.

Yet Another Case For School Choice:

Dallas ISD putting this resource guide out should highlight to voters the need for school choice. Parents deserve the ability to pull their children out of harmful situations and place them into better schools that align with the values that Texans hold dear. If a parent feels as though they don’t want their child exposed to this leftist indoctrination, they should be able to pull their child and have the money that would've been spent on that child follow them to their next school.

This intentional suppression of information and the promotion of potentially harmful practices demands immediate action. It is time for parents, community leaders, and voices on the right to unite against this leftist indoctrination and reclaim the education system for the values that matter most to our families and communities.


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