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Do you have kids in Austin ISD?

You might want to reconsider.

Austin ISD has published its plans to celebrate pride week March 20 - March 25th. (The web post also encourages people to take part in the Annual Pride Parade in August.)

The Plan:

  1. Monday, March 20 - All Are Welcome

  2. Tuesday, March 21 - Differences are Awesome

  3. Wednesday, March 22 - Austin ISD Shows Respect

  4. Thursday, March 23 - Pride and You - Creative Expression

  5. Friday, March 24 - Local Pride and Spirit Day

  6. Saturday, March 25 - Pride Y'all! Connect and Celebrate

The website that hosts all the information, can be found here. Notice the transgender pride portion of the flag towards the top of the page.

Why are grown adults encouraging kids to celebrate sexuality with them?

When did schools become more about gender ideology than learning ABCs and 123s?

Why are taxpayers being forced to fund the indoctrination of our most impressionable and vulnerable Texans?

One thing is for sure, with all that is being uncovered, not only Austin ISD but in school districts throughout Texas, NOW is the time to become heavily involved in your child’s education.

If your child isn’t in Austin ISD, I’d challenge you to do some digging and be sure that pride weeks aren’t being planned in your child’s respective school district.

Parents: It is up to us to protect our children from the Anti-Family Left, the evil forces that align with it, and the indoctrination school administrators are pushing on our kids.


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