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An Oklahoma School District is Under Fire After Allowing a Drag Queen to Be Principal

The State Superintendent of Public Instruction in Oklahoma, Ryan Walters, has voiced his strong concerns regarding John Glenn Elementary School Principal Shane Murnan, who also performs as a drag queen under the name "Shantel Mandalay." Walters is adamant that the Western Heights School District should take immediate action to terminate Murnan's employment, citing his belief that this situation does not align with the values held dear by Oklahomans.

Walters, who passionately campaigned on the removal of critical race theory and gender theory from the classroom, shared his heartfelt objections to Murnan's role as a drag queen within the school system. He emphasized that this issue is part of a broader challenge, one that he and many perceive as a form of left-wing indoctrination and the promotion of gender theory in schools, which he deems inappropriate for young minds. Walters revealed that he hears from concerned parents regularly, all deeply troubled by these developments and their impact on their beloved children.

Unsurprisingly, Murnan faced child pornography charges back in the early 2000’s. This still begs the question: How is it that a drag queen that “allegedly” had child porn is able to be in charge of a school full of children?

Here in Texas, SB12, which essentially bans alleged "kid friendly" drag shows, was signed into law. Less than a day before the law was supposed to go into effect, a federal judge decided to LARP as an activist and is holding the law hostage in court.A federal judge has since blocked this law and likely will do the same to similar states that followed our lead like Oklahoma. It seems that the federal government is doing whatever possible to force our children into watching perverse men dance in front of them. Will Texas start allowing drag queens to run our schools? Hopefully the backlash that this school district is now receiving deters other schools from following suit.


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