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What We’re Seeing In The Texas Primaries

This primary season is one of the most critical seasons ever in Texas, and it’s already getting interesting. Conservatives are finally stepping up and calling out RINO’s and longtime weak Republicans are finally facing legitimate campaign opposition. This could be a huge year for the grassroots conservatives and a massive year for the family.

The spotlight on Speaker Phelan is intensified by his questionable track record of appointing Democrat chairs, which has hindered and compromised pro-family legislation. The consequences of Phelan's decisions have left many conservative Texans disillusioned, witnessing the erosion of their values and the prioritization of liberal agendas. Attorney General Ken Paxton is partnering with Dade’s primary challenger, finally making him sweat.

What further fuels the discontent of Texans is the revelation that Phelan's bandits in the House have enlisted the services of Murphy Nasica to spearhead their campaigns. Murphy Nasica has been known to work with the establishment candidates and tear down good conservatives.

Governor Greg Abbott emerges as a defender of conservative values, emphasizing the critical issue of school choice. Abbott is strategically endorsing against the incumbents who failed to pass school choice or attempted to water it down significantly. The endorsements coming from Governor Abbott could lead to Texas bringing in one of the most conservative legislative body in recent history.

The people of Texas are waking up and realizing these representatives, who have claimed for years that they have their best interests in mind, don’t. The tricks played by Dade Phelan to continue to win his role as House Speaker through Democrat support, and in turn, Dade electing them as chairs, is being exposed. The people of Texas are realizing the erosion of values this is causing, and change needs to happen and happen fast.

This election cycle stands at a pivotal juncture, shaping the future of the Lone Star State. The urgency of the moment cannot be overstated, and the battle lines drawn between unapologetic conservatives and RINOs are set.

As the primaries unfold, staying informed and updated with all of your legislator's moves is essential. If you follow the money, it is apparent who is with you and who is against you. We will continue to expose these RINO, anti-family legislators so the people of Texas can see the truth about who and what they are voting for.

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