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West Texas A&M University President Pulls Carpet on Student-Organized Drag Show

The rage of the LGBTQ+ hornet’s nest has been stirred up this week after a student-organized drag show planned for West Texas A&M University in Canyon city, just south of Amarillo, was canceled on Monday.

Pro-drag show students have come out in droves to protest against the decision made by the University’s President, Walter Wendler.

Notice of the decision came to students in an email composed by Wendler and addressed to the WTAMU student body, entitled “A Harmless Drag Show? No Such Thing”, in which he explains that he thinks drag shows “denigrate and demean women”, and that “being created in God’s image is the basis of the Natural law.”

Some students who oppose the decision have started a petition on to reverse it, which accrued around 4,000 signatures within the first 24 hours.

Among many things, the petition: criticizes Wendler, referring to his comments on drag shows as “gross” and “abhorrent”; calls for the show to be reinstated, and claims students will hold it whether it’s reinstated or not; and calls drag shows an “art form.”

The petition also identifies itself as being “the students of WTAMU”, as if the leftist position on this is both the default and consensus. But average Texans support families and oppose the sexualization of children, and we are a testament to that.

The petition partially justifies its criticism by arguing that WTAMU is a public, non-religiously affiliated university. But this criticism, in typical leftist fashion, makes an intruder out of faith-based family values by pretending that they don’t have a place in the society that those family values built in the first place.

Advocates of the drag show, as well as some First Amendment advocacy groups, are also questioning the legality of the move on the basis of First Amendment protections of expression, and the possibility is open for anyone willing to pursue a lawsuit over the cancellation.

Drag queens have become one of the left’s favorite conduits through which they target the minds of the youth for gender ideology colonization. What they proclaim to be a “wholesome learning experience” and “human right” is an open attack on family values. There’s no reason why we should have these shows in our publicly subsidized schools.

Texas Family Project commends Walter Wendler for standing firm to protect the youth at West Texas A&M. What Texas families need right now is to see more public education officials doing this, at all levels. Tax dollars should not be spent on indoctrination, the sexualization of children, or drag queen story hours in our schools.


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