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Facebook BANS LGBTQ Child Dating Group

Facebook has received flak after people noticed the presence of a dating group for young “LGBTQ” children ages 8-15. The platform contained a number of out-of-place middle-aged men, some of whom had admin authority over the group. After pushback from Texas Family Project as well as Libs of TikTok, the bizarre admins have been banned from Facebook and the dating group has been shut down.

The dangers of social media have risen tremendously over the last several years. While social media was originally intended to connect people with friends and family, many have perverted its capabilities to participate in strange and/or downright illegal activities. Immoral users are not the only ones to blame. Social media platforms themselves prey on vulnerable children with uninvolved parents, using their addictive algorithms to indoctrinate children with Leftist ideology and expose adolescents to harmful material such as pornography. 

Parents must do everything in their power to monitor and limit their child’s access to social media. Many would argue that completely denying access to social media is the only way to guarantee children are not exposed to harmful content. Regardless, parental involvement is necessary if you plan on allowing your child to access social media platforms. Though there are a few safety mechanisms in place for parents to regulate their children’s social media access, some states are taking proactive measures to defend parental rights. Recently, Florida Governor Ron Desantis signed a bill preventing anyone under the age of 14 from using social media and requiring children ages 14 to 16 to have parental consent in order to create an account. 

Dangers like the Facebook LGBTQ child dating group are becoming all too prevalent on social media. There is a clear plan to indoctrinate children with this toxic ideology at a young age. Children as young as eight should not be encouraged to explore sexuality, yet they are being enabled to do so by social media users who tell them that being gay is a status symbol in “woke” social groups. Evil-doers on social media intentionally target young, impressionable minds to potentially isolate and take advantage of innocent children. Thankfully, no illegal activities were reported from this specific Facebook group, but the existence of a page like this leaves the door open to future risks.


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