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VICTORY: SB 14 Passes the House, Heads to Governor’s Desk for Signing

Senate Bill 14, a bill that essentially ends chemical and physical alterations to the bodies of minors with the intentions of changing their gender, is set to be outlawed in the state of Texas.

Last Friday, the Texas House deliberated over the bill, along with nearly 20 proposed amendments that would have watered down the bill, for roughly 6 hours.

Democrats attempted to kill the bill with frivolous Points of Orders early on in the debate, but all were struck down. This was the 3rd time SB 14 had reached the House Floor.

The bill passed overwhelmingly, with several Democrats voting in favor of it. Rep. Shawn Thierry (D) gave a passionate speech over her support for the bill and the backlash she has faced over it. Thierry also voted in support of HB 900, a bill that will help limit the amount of obscene materials in school libraries.

You can listen to Thierry’s statement here. Several Democrats in her district have already announced that they are now going to challenge her in a Primary election over her vote to defend our kids from brutal chemical castrations and bodily mutilation.

After House passage on Friday, SB 14 passed it’s third house reading earlier this week and was sent back to the Senate for final approval. Late yesterday (Wednesday, May 17) the Senate gave the final thumbs up before sending it to Governor Abbott’s desk for signing.

Finally, Texas will join over a dozen other states in outlawing the gender transitioning of minors.

While there are still more steps we can take to defend our kids from these transitions in other states, youth transgender tourism and the possibility of “social transitioning” processes, TFP feels that SB 14 is a strong bill, and we are overjoyed to see its passage.

The ACLU of Texas has already announced that it is planning on suing texas over the bill. The fight will continue on.


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