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VICTORY: Dallas Abortion Clinic Closes

The pro-life movement had a huge win yesterday!

After 50 years of providing abortions in Dallas, the Southwestern Women’s Surgery Center is closing its doors for good.

"We, at Southwestern Women's Surgery Center, are heartbroken to inform you that we are permanently ceasing operations. Our last day of patient care is March 2, 2023," the center stated.

While the clinic will remain open to assist women in traveling to Albuquerque to undergo abortions, their Texas abortion operations are closed.

This abortion clinic is one of many that has been forced to stop murdering babies because of the overturning of Roe V. Wade in June of last year. And, as a result, this historic decision has saved over 5,000 lives since August 2022 right here in the Lone Star State.

We are thrilled Texas is leading the way in protecting innocent lives!

But, there is still more to do. Chemical abortion pills are still flooding into Texas at an alarming rate. That is why we must stop this feticide today! Sign our petition to eliminate all forms of abortion.

Women and their children deserve better than abortion. We will always work to promote and advance a culture of life, and protect Texas kids.

Texas Family Project strongly believes in the moment a child is conceived, a new life is formed, and that life is worth protecting.

In no other setting do we kill children due to the choices of the father and mother, and abortion is no different. We must work together to abolish abortion for good and protect the unalienable right to life!


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