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Transurrection: Texas House Gallery Cleared after Child Gender Modification Activists Begin Strip...

In what should have been a great day for Texans everywhere, a handful of trans activists disrupted the House floor so severely that the entire gallery was ordered clear and several were arrested.

On Tuesday, May 2, the House was set to vote on SB 14, a bill that would mostly ban the chemical castration and bodily mutilation of minors. Texas would join 16 other states who have passed similar legislation.

All was relatively quiet from the jam packed gallery while the bill was read to the House members. That is, until a Point Of Order was brought upon the bill.

While the POO, a feckless attempt from Texas Democrats to derail the bill, was being discussed, radicalized trans activists began chanting, sending echoes throughout the chamber and the gallery disrupted into one-sided chaos.

A member of the mob tried to unfurl a banner from the gallery, an offense that has resulted in year long bans in the past. As officers attempted to remove the disruptive individuals, House Speaker Dade Phelan ordered the gallery completely clear, an event that seldom happens.

As the gallery was cleared, a grown adult man lifted his skirt multiple times, exposing himself to the House floor and all those in the gallery behind him. There were several children present, and those who witnessed the grotesque display confirmed the man was not wearing anything under the skirt.

After the last few activists who refused to leave the gallery were subdued, the disruption continued just outside the gallery doors. You can see a video of the frenzied mob here.

After deliberation, the POO was withdrawn, but SB 14 was sent back to a House Committee. SB 14 was quickly amended to appease the clerical error brought up in the POO in Committee and was promptly sent back to House Calendars before the end of the day.

SB 14 is scheduled again to be voted on tomorrow, Friday May 5.

Throughout the gallery disruptions, lewd displays, and harassment towards others in the Capitol, the Pro-Child Mutilation crowd made it clear that they represent anything but “acceptance,” “love,” or “compassion” as they often claim.

Despite that harassment, the Pro-Family Cavalry stayed strong. There was a sea of red American Principles Project shirts in the gallery in support of SB 14. Throughout the Capitol worship groups broke out into song. Not one person bent a knee to the vicious mob of transurrectionists.

Will Friday’s vote bring a similar crowd? Only time will tell.

One thing is for sure, we still need to encourage our representatives to vote in favor of SB 14. Kids from Beaumont to El Paso depend on it.

Sample message:

“Hello, I am a voter in your district and am calling to encourage you to vote in favor of SB 14 on Friday. It is imperative that we allow children to fully mature before we allow them to go on life altering drugs or seek life altering elective surgeries.”


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