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Transgender Dylan Mulvaney Makes Song About “Girlhood”

Dylan Mulvaney, a man not-so-successfully masquerading as a woman, has made a song called “Days of Girlhood.” This song consists of Mulvaney explaining what it’s like being a woman, but the only problem is that he is not a woman.

Dylan Mulvaney has been the topic of a lot of “transgender” controversy over the last year or so. He has been one of the top spokesmen for “transgenders” and was featured on the front of the Bud Light can last year, which caused massive outrage. Dylan gained fame after posting daily clips of his attempt at becoming a female on TikTok, an app that mainly targets children. It is clear that his social media's main focus is to attempt to get people to follow in his footsteps and “transition.”

The song, which objectively doesn’t sound great even without knowledge of the lyrics, is essentially his TikTok videos all summed up. He talks about his experiences and expectations as a “girl.” He talks about partying as a girl, being incompetent in regard to money, and taking his medications.

The main issue with the song is that it clearly targets a younger, more impressionable audience. Any adults who see this will most likely think to themselves, “Wow…this guy is insane,” and move on with their lives, but the same can’t be said for children. The reason a lot of LGBTQ propaganda is targeted toward children is because they know many adults won’t buy into their nonsense. Unfortunately, a lot of parents won’t stand against any of this propaganda because of a fear of causing tension with their children, which in turn, causes them to ultimately be influenced by their own children. Parents are supposed to parent children. Children are supposed to receive parenting. The opposite seems to occur too often.

This music video also makes a mockery out of actual womanhood. Being a woman isn’t about partying or making dumb financial decisions, it’s about raising children and having a family. This is a clear attack against the very concept of what it actually means to be a woman. This video is a disgrace to every woman who is proud to be one.

This music video is propaganda. There is a clear agenda and deeper purpose behind it. We must stand against this and have the understanding that this is an attack against the family. They will continue to push this woke nonsense if we don’t actively fight against it.


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