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TRACKER: See States That Have Passed Laws to Defend Kids from Gender Modification

UPDATE: 4.12.23

Oklahoma: Bill passed the House

Kansas, Nebraska, Montana: Awaiting signature


Idaho: Bills signed into law

UPDATE: 3.30.23

Kentucky: After Governor Beshear used his veto power, the Legislature overrode it. Minors will be protected from Gender Modification without his signature.

Missouri: While the Attorney General has been taking steps to defend kids, the Missouri Senate has passed legislation to make these protections more permanent,

Georgia and West Virginia had legislation formally signed into law.

UPDATE: 3.23.23

Since the last update, North Dakota and Idaho have passed legislation through their respective House chambers.

Montana and Kansas have done the same in their Senate chambers.

Georgia, Iowa, and West Virginia have either have either sent bills to their governor's desks or have fully passed laws that defend kids.

It should be noted that Florida and Missouri both have also taken significant steps to defend kids from the Anti-Family Left, however, not through legislation.

A medical board in Florida is blocking most gender surgeries on minors, while the Missouri Surgeon General is also limiting gender affirming care that includes sex change surgeries for minors.

While these are great steps, kids will be more adequately protected once laws are passed through the legislature and signed by both states' governors.

UPDATE, 3.8.23:

In a close vote, the Iowa State House has voted to ban gender affirming care.

Last week, I shared with you a graphic that showed other states that have not hesitated to protect children from genital mutilation and chemical castration.

Meanwhile, the Texas House just enjoyed five days off, and is already preparing for another long weekend. Since then, another state house AND another state senate have passed legislation to protect children from groomers like those at the Dallas based GENECIS clinic.

Late last week the North Dakota House passed legislation on to the Senate that will protect kids from gender transition attempts. Early this week, the Mississippi Senate sent legislation to Republican governor Tate Reeves’ desk to do the same.

Just today, the Tennessee House sent a bill to Gov. Bill Lee's desk that will protect minors from these brutal surgeries.

While the Texas Senate has been working through the legislative process after making protecting kids from mutilation a priority, the House has continued to drag its feet through the first quarter of the 88th Session.

Only just hours ago did the House begin referring bills to committee. It’s worth noting that at this point during the last few sessions, hundreds (sometimes close to 1000+) of bills had at least been referred to committees.

The Republicans control the Governor’s Mansion and both chambers of the legislature with overwhelming majorities. If they wanted to pass laws that will protect children from gender modification, hyper-sexual drag shows, and gender ideology in schools, they would be able to do so easily.

We need the legislature, the House especially, to stop playing games, stop dragging their feet, and get to work.

The innocence of Texas kids depends on it.


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