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​​​​​The White House Is All In On Pride Month

The current White House administration has had several questionable controversies over their current term in office, especially relating to the lgbtq indoctrination agenda. This agenda has spent a lot of time trying to push DEI in this country with multitudes of very serious issues going unaddressed. Vice President Kamala Harris tweeted, “No one should be made to fight alone, and evenings like this one remind us of the power in coalitions and the joy in community.”

As it stands right now the border is still being flooded with illegal aliens who are ruining the lives of Americans. Stories are coming to light almost every single day of a horrific action committed by an illegal alien to an American child. Children are being chemically castrated all over the country by doctors who have confused them about reality. Babies are being killed in masses by way of abortion and Vice President Kamala Harris has prioritized showing up to LGBTQ events instead of trying to help fix real problems facing Americans.

President Joe Biden took to X at the beginning of this month and posted about his love for homosexual pride. Kamala Harris just did the same with messaging targeting children. Kamala Harris's tweet read, “Our LGBTQI+ children should not fear who they are. No one should be made to fight alone. We are all in this together and we will fight with pride.” This was the caption with a photo of the Vice President hugging a half-dressed drag queen whose almost bare bottom was facing the camera. This proves the administration's attempt to sexualize children all across the nation.

In another attempt for a media push showing the White House's support for Pride Month, they invited a homosexual/transgender activist onto the property to record videos. This activist paraded around the property and did a fake press interview on the stand currently occupied by Karine Jean-Pierre. While on the property they filmed skits with Vice President Kamala Harris. This is all a big attempt to normalize the insanity that has swept over this country. They intend to have people so used to the absurd actions that when something not as insane happens nobody bats an eye.

The overarching theme with all of this is the fact that there are serious issues facing Americans and their families right now. The White House administration has decided to spend our tax dollars and resources on pushing the homosexual pride movement that is attempting to sexualize our children. They have shown no regard for protecting the innocence of children and have seemingly done little to help the family unit thrive.


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