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The Vanguard School's Gadsden Flag Fiasco: A Prime Example of Why School Choice is Essential

The Vanguard School in Colorado Springs recently found itself embroiled in a controversy that should alarm every freedom-loving American. A 12-year-old student, Jaiden, was removed from class for displaying a Gadsden flag patch on his backpack, a symbol originating from the American Revolution. This incident not only exposes the school's ignorance of American history but also serves as a glaring example of why school choice is absolutely essential.

The Gadsden Flag: A Symbol of Liberty, Not Slavery

The school's staff had the audacity to claim that the Gadsden flag has "origins with slavery," a gross misrepresentation of a symbol that actually represents the 13 colonies' fight against British tyranny. Jaiden's mother rightly pushed back, pointing out that the flag had nothing to do with slavery and was a Revolutionary War symbol. Even Democratic Colorado Governor Jared Polis defended the Gadsden flag as a "proud symbol of the American revolution."

The Power of Public Outcry

Thanks to a viral video released by Connor Boyack, president of the Libertas Institute in Utah, the school was forced to backtrack. Boyack rightly noted that documenting encounters with government employees, like school administrators, can bring attention to such overreaches. The video has since gained over 8.9 million views, and the school board has allowed Jaiden to return to class with his Gadsden flag patch visible.

The Vanguard School's Feeble Response

In a statement, the school claimed that the story was "incomplete" and mentioned that the patch was part of half a dozen other patches of semi-automatic weapons. This is a weak attempt to deflect from the core issue: the suppression of a symbol of American freedom. The school's actions reveal a disturbing trend of educational institutions imposing ideological agendas on students.

Why School Choice is Non-Negotiable

This incident is a prime example of why school choice is essential. Parents should have the freedom to choose educational environments that align with their values and respect American history, rather than being forced into institutions that promote ideological indoctrination. The Vanguard School's actions are a wake-up call for all who value liberty and the education of our youth.

The Need for Choice

The Vanguard School's actions against a 12-year-old student for displaying a Gadsden flag patch are a stark reminder of the ideological battles being waged in our educational institutions. It's high time parents had the choice to opt for schools that uphold, not undermine, American values and history.


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