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The Promise of Passover In Glen Rose Is Changing Lives

From Christ's triumphant entry to miraculous healings, The Promise of Passover takes you on a journey through love, sacrifice, and redemption. Feel the power of compassion, witness the calming of the storm, and stand in awe at the Crucifixion and Resurrection – portrayed with authenticity and reverence. 

Thousands of people have already had their lives changed by this performance. It is truly something you won't want to miss.

Get discounted tickets to the Promise of Passover by entering the code: "family5pack" for a 25% per ticket discount at checkout! This is a limited-time discount so act fast!

The Promise in Glen Rose Show Dates: March 29, 30 and April 5, 6 Gates Open: 7:00 PM Show Time: 8:00 PM


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