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The Only Unwoke Team In Baseball Wins The World Series

The Texas Rangers have secured their historic first-ever World Series win, and we proudly extend our congratulations to the team and their loyal supporters. In an era where sports have become a battleground for political ideologies, the Rangers' success represents a refreshing departure from the liberal and leftist narratives that have infiltrated the world of athletics.

The Intrusion of Politics into Sports:

The sports arena has been marred by the injection of political discourse, with players and teams often using their platforms to espouse liberal and leftist ideologies. This trend has alienated many fans who yearn to return to the days when sports were a unifying and apolitical escape.

"Pride Month" Celebrations and the Spread of Leftist Ideology:

A prime example of this politicization is the ubiquitous celebration of "Pride Month" in professional sports, marked by teams hosting "pride nights." One of the most notable displays was by the Los Angeles Dodgers' controversial decision to host the "Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence," an anti-Catholic drag queen group notorious for mocking religious values and performing drag shows as nuns.

Texas Rangers' Stand Against Leftist Propaganda:

In stark contrast to the league-wide participation in "pride nights," the Texas Rangers proudly stood firm, choosing not to partake in such politically charged celebrations. The Rangers ball club did not conform to any pressures put on them by the liberal agenda. They understand that their fan base and players would not welcome anything of the sort.

A Win for Family and Biblical Values:

The Texas Rangers' triumph in the World Series now takes on a profound meaning as a potential victory for anyone who supports family, follows God, and loves this country. This achievement is a powerful reminder that, even in the face of a politically charged landscape, unwavering commitment to traditional principles can lead to success.

As we celebrate the Texas Rangers' groundbreaking World Series win, we applaud not only their athletic prowess but also their steadfast commitment to resisting leftist influences in the realm of sports. The team's refusal to engage in politically motivated celebrations stands as a testament that the good guys always win in the end. Congratulations once again to the Rangers, and may their victory inspire others to resist the encroachment of progressive ideologies in the world of sports. God Bless Texas.


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