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The Battle to Protect Our Children from Explicit Materials in Schools

Yesterday, federal courts blocked the implementation of the READER Act, HB 900, by Rep. Jared Patterson (R-Frisco). This crucial piece of legislation aimed to eliminate sexually explicit books and materials from entering our classrooms by establishing a rating system. This would prevent vendors from selling such books to school districts. Unfortunately, the bill faced opposition and was ultimately halted in the Fifth Circuit Court.

The READER Act was met with resistance from vendors who make their money off of selling sexually explicit books to school districts. Despite being passed in the legislature, the bill's journey ended abruptly in the federal courts.

One cannot deny the importance of shielding our children from explicit content that may adversely impact their moral development. Rep. Patterson expressed disappointment over the court's decision. He emphasized, “I call on the office of the Attorney General to appeal this decision to the United States Supreme Court, and in the meantime look forward to how Texas can improve vendor accountability with other legislative solutions next session. I will not stop fighting to protect Texas schoolchildren from sexually explicit material.”

The Fifth Circuit Court's ruling seemingly places the profits of vendors over the safety and well-being of children. By limiting the reach of this legislation, the courts have jeopardized the mission to create a safer educational environment for our youth.

Ken Paxton has a track record of advocating for legislation that aligns with conservative principles. The hope among families in Texas is that Paxton will continue to champion this cause and tirelessly work towards the complete passage of HB 900. The battle to protect our children's innocence is one that demands unwavering commitment, and Paxton's involvement is crucial in ensuring that explicit materials do not find their way into our classrooms.

As families in Texas rally behind the READER Act, the call for action is clear. It is time for Texas to stand firm in its commitment to traditional values, appealing the court's decision and pursuing legislative avenues that strengthen accountability among vendors. The fight to protect the minds of our youth from explicit content is far from over, and conservatives remain resolute in their pursuit of a morally sound education for Texas schoolchildren.


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