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The “Anti Drag” Bill Is Heading To The Fifth Circuit

The state of Texas has appealed SB 12, a crucial bill aimed at protecting children from sexually explicit content, namely “child-friendly” drag shows, to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. Despite being signed into law by Governor Abbott on September 1st, the bill has faced significant opposition in federal courts, ultimately being struck down by a judge appointed under Reagan. This setback, however, has not deterred Texas from its commitment to protecting the well-being of its youth.

What Is SB 12:

SB 12 is a bill designed to prohibit drag shows and other sexually explicit performances from reaching the eyes of minors, has been at the center of a contentious legal battle. The bill, authored by Senator Hughes(R-Mineola), was passed during the 88th session. The law reflects the values of countless families across Texas who believe in preserving innocence and shielding children from inappropriate content.

Federal Courts' Interference:

Despite the widespread support for SB 12, the bill faced a major setback when a judge appointed by President Reagan declared it "unconstitutionally vague," rendering the law unenforceable. 

Texas Attorney General's Vigorous Defense:

Fortunately, Texas has a defender of family values in its Attorney General, who has taken the fight for SB 12 to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. Recognizing the importance of preserving the innocence of children, the Attorney General is determined to ensure that the bill becomes law in the Lone Star State.

First Amendment Misconceptions:

Contrary to claims that SB 12 infringes on the First Amendment, the bill is a legitimate measure to safeguard children from exposure to explicit content. It is not a violation of free speech to restrict minors from attending or participating in events that are not age-appropriate. The essence of the bill lies in promoting responsible entertainment and protecting the values cherished by Texas families.

Texas Family Project's Advocacy:

The Texas Family Project and families across the state have been a driving force behind the fight for SB 12. Texas Family Project believes that the law is necessary to maintain a wholesome and safe environment for the children of Texas.

The appeal of SB 12 to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals reflects Texan’s determination to uphold family values and ensure that children are shielded from inappropriate content. As the legal battle continues, Texas families and the Texas Family Project stand behind SB 12, a law that will protect the innocence of Texas’ children.


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