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TFP President Testifies on SB14

Thank you, chairman and members of the committee. My name is Chris Hopper and I'm the president of Texas Family Project. I am here to testify in favor of SB 14 by Senator Campbell. As of late, we are seeing a tug of war over the issue of gender modification.  As the father of 3 sons and as a minister of 20 years who has counseled thousands of students and parents, I am absolutely appalled at any parent who would subject their child to this abuse, and even more concerned at how difficult it has been to protect kids in our state. There are now hundreds if not thousands of testimonies of individuals across the country who underwent transition therapy or transition surgery who are now suicidal, broken, confused, and depressed beyond measure.

More than ever the state needs to protect kids and walk alongside families who are struggling with identity issues.

Churches and community organizations, now more than ever, need to partner with parents and speak truth. The truth is that puberty blockers and cross sex hormones given to kids cause irreversible damage. The truth is that child modification surgery performed on minors is not loving but in fact one of the most evil actions that could be taken. The truth is this should be outlawed and not one dime of public money or public assistance should be used to support this abuse. I'll go one step further, any physician who mutilates the body of a minor in our state is acting in a way that is unprofessional and dishonorable and should be stripped of all credentials and spend the rest of their life behind bars for robbing innocent children of a healthy and productive life. I urge you to look deep within yourself, down into the core of who you are and listen to your convictions on this issue. A wise man once said, "Being faithful in small things is what shapes our character." Your families and constituents are watching, may you have the character to make the honorable decision.

We must protect children in Texas from doctors and health care workers who seek to profit off the abuse and mutilation of children. We support the passage of SB 14. Thank you


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