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TFP Launches New TV ad Calling for Speaker Dade Phelan to Defend Our Kids From Drag Shows...

SB12, which works to Defend Our Kids from obscene drag shows, is being held up in a House Committee under Dade Phelan's leadership.

Call Dade Phelan's office NOW and demand that SB 12 be moved through Committee, Calendars, and brought to the House Floor for debate and vote.


On Thursday, Texas Family Project, the leading statewide organization opposing drag shows in the presence of children, announced plans to place $30,000 in television ads in Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan’s district demanding that his chamber end their deathly actions toward Senate Bill 12.

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and the Texas Senate passed legislation to ban these horrific sexualizing activities with kids, but Dade Phelan has refused to say he supports the bill. Phelan’s refusal to support the legislation means it is currently on track to die in the Texas House.

Texas Family Project Policy Director Austin Griesinger issued the following statement:

“Across Texas, children are already being aggressively sexualized by sick adults at drag shows and we expect the abuse to only increase as we approach ‘Pride Month.’ Speaker Dade Phelan needs to stop siding with the abusers and pass SB 12 which protects kids from being abused by these demented displays. Every day he delays makes it harder to pass this important bill.”

Texas Family Project’s television ad will begin running on local stations in Beaumont, TX, and the surrounding area this week.


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