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Texas Special Session Has Commenced: Here’s What We’re Looking For

Introduction: Texas has ignited its special session that Governor Greg Abbott called, and while the surface may seem calm, this battle runs deep between the establishment and grassroots conservatives. Day one, as expected, was uneventful, aside from Representative Tony Tinderholt pressing Representative Dade Phelan on the Paxton impeachment. Phelan shut Tinderholt's requests down, as he always seems to do. Here’s what we’re looking to come out of this special session:

  • School Choice

When calling this special session, Greg Abbott stated that school choice would be on the docket. He demanded that we get school choice passed, and he would stop at nothing to ensure it happens. This issue is very popular with Republicans, thus getting legislation passed shouldn’t be a problem, or so you would think. Speaker Dade Phelan and others have already rallied with Democrats to stop a bill allowing school choice to get passed.

  • Border Sovereignty

Major issues have arisen regarding the security of our southern border. Undocumented illegal aliens have been flooding into our state for years now. With that, excess crime and increased child trafficking have come as well. We must ensure that Texas families' lives are as safe as possible. Drugs such as fentanyl are coming over in mass quantities and killing many Texans. It’s time for Texas to take action and pass legislation to deter and disallow migrants from entering the state illegally.

  • Immediate Action

We’re calling for Texas lawmakers to pass effective legislation quickly. We must overcome pushback from the RINO establishment and put the policies that Texans want to be passed first. These are objectively good policy issues that would better the lives of families on both sides of the aisle.

Conclusion: In the heart of Texas, the special session isn't just a political event; it's a battlefield for conservatives against the RINO establishment. The push for school choice and border security signifies a fearless stand for values that resonate with the majority of Texas families. As the session progresses, the expectation isn't just for results; it's for an unapologetic and uncompromising defense of the principles that make Texas what it is. Texas lawmakers need to put the games aside and get done what has needed to be accomplished for some time. Updates are to come.


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