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Texas School Choice Faces Setback as Third Special Session Ends Without Success

In a disappointing turn of events, Texans have been let down again. The third special session concludes without achieving its goals. Despite Governor Abbott's promises to bring school choice to the Lone Star State, the Texas legislature has fallen short, leaving many questioning the effectiveness of the leadership in the Texas House.

The Promise and Failure:

Governor Abbott, a strong supporter of school choice, had pledged to make it a reality in Texas. However, as the third special session concludes, it is evident that this promise remains unfulfilled. The failure to pass school choice legislation raises concerns about the legislature's ability to address crucial issues that matter to Texans.

Blame on Poor Leadership:

One key factor contributing to the downfall of school choice in Texas is being attributed to poor leadership in the Texas House. Speaker Phelan, responsible for guiding legislation through the House, seemingly made no significant effort to push for the passage of school choice. This lack of initiative has left many frustrated with the leadership's failure to prioritize an issue that resonates with voters. Speaker Phelan has not only lost his support from most “Rs” he has also lost support from Democrats which have kept him as speaker in the House.

Still a Winning Issue:

Despite the setback, it is crucial to recognize that school choice remains a winning issue with Texas voters. The concept of allowing parents to have a say in their children's education transcends across party lines. With widespread voter support and backing from the Governor, it is perplexing why the Texas legislature faced challenges in getting this essential legislation passed.

The Urgency for Action:

As the disappointment lingers, calls are growing for Governor Abbott to take control of the situation. Urgency is paramount, and many are urging Abbott to promptly call another special session to address not only school choice but also other essential items that directly impact Texans. It is imperative to rectify the shortcomings of the previous session and ensure that the needs of the people are met.

The recent failure of school choice in Texas serves as a reminder that political promises do not always translate into legislative action and we must hold accountable the politicians who failed. Despite the setbacks, the issue remains relevant and important to Texas voters. It is now incumbent upon Governor Abbott to demonstrate strong leadership, call another special session, and ensure that the will of the people prevails. The future of school choice in Texas hangs in the balance, and decisive action is needed to turn promises into reality.


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