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Texas Rangers Are The Only Team To Not Host “Pride Night” For The Second Year Straight

Almost every single institution has fallen into the “pride month” curse. Whether it be changing their branding to be rainbow colored or adding new DEI initiatives or homosexual advertising we have seen it everywhere. The MLB is no exception with every single team hosting a “pride night” and giving into the pressure, except for the Texas Rangers.

The 2023 MLB World Series Champions have stuck to their morals and for the second year straight did not host a “pride night.” Former Texas Rangers pitcher Derek the “Dutch Oven” Holland showed extreme support for the Rangers making this decision. Holland went to X and posted a meme saying “That’s a Rangers Win” over a tweet stating the Rangers were not going to partake in the “pride night” theatrics. The Dutch Oven has been outspoken about the sexualization of children and has expressed specific concern for children who have a “transgender” parent. Athletes like Holland who are using their influence for good is refreshing to see.

Last year the Los Angeles Dodgers hosted the “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” who have also been active in the North Texas area. One of their members in their northern region was arrested for multiple crimes against children including “child sexual abuse material.” A second member of their group was arrested a few months prior for public indecency at a park. While teams like the Dodgers are hosting people accused of some of the worst crimes you can commit, the Rangers have stayed strong.

With the media having such a big impact on society these days, it’s a major advantage to have a team that refuses to give in. Children love watching sports and are often influenced by the players and teams they support. The Rangers have a major impact on the North Texas community. Families don’t have to feel worried about allowing their children to watch the Rangers or go to games in person. 

The average baseball fan is not a homosexual, especially in Texas. It doesn’t make sense for the Rangers to pander to a community that doesn’t have a huge impact on their sales. If they were to follow other teams and give in to the pressures they would alienate and upset more fans than they would please. 

The Texas Rangers are the smartest team in baseball on multiple fronts. The reigning champions aren’t giving in to the pressures that wouldn’t benefit them in any way. They are keeping their team and their stadium safe for families and safe for children without the risk of indoctrination or potential sexualization. The North Texas community back the decision of the Rangers and so do their former players. Go Rangers!


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