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Texas Needs To Put An End To Socially Transitioning Children

Texas has been a national leader in bringing forth new legislation to help protect its children. Unfortunately, much of this legislation has since been shot down in the courts and completely stripped of its intended impact. During the 2023 legislative session, Texas passed Senate Bill 14, prohibiting “gender-affirming care.’ However, a glaring issue remains that must still be addressed: the social transitioning of Texas children.

Socially transitioning a child is just as insane as a chemical or physical transition. A major example of this is the case of Jeff Younger. Younger’s now ex-wife started socially transitioning their son when the boy was just two years old. She took advantage of the young boy's impressionable mind and started slipping these ideas into his head before he was old enough to know any better. Jeff’s son was told from the time he was a small child that he was a girl. That’s all he’s ever known because the courts wouldn’t allow Jeff to have custody after bravely refusing to participate in this madness. As a result of this, James will inevitably be transitioned in Texas when he turns 18 or out of state while he is a minor if Jeff’s ex-wife chooses to do so. 

Socially transitioning children is actually the popular stance in most Texas family courts. They have a track record of confiscating parental custody for not taking measures to affirm their child’s “gender identity.” Parents who refuse to allow their children to cross-dress, use different pronouns, or conform to the transgender ideology will inevitably have their rights taken. Social transitioning has taken over in Texas and other states that have laws against chemically and physically transitioning children. 

Texas public schools are also actively participating in socially transitioning children. There have been numerous stories of parents taking their children to school, and while the child is at school, staffers allow them to change into clothes of the opposite gender without parental knowledge. This happened in Jeff Younger’s case as well as others. Schools also use other tactics such as using different pronouns for children. Public educators have no right to participate in the social transition of children.

The only way to prevent things like this from happening would be to bring forth new and improved legislation in the 2025 session. The Texas Senate has been fairly strong on family issues, but the House has lacked any sort of backbone. With the wave of Christian conservative victories in the March primary, it seems as though we now have a path toward bringing legislation to protect children to the table in the next session. We need laws that will prevent schools from participating in the transitioning of children and force public educators to notify parents if their children are having fanatical transition ideations. We also need legislation that forces family courts to take the side of responsible parents who do not give in to transgender aspirations. 

This issue is growing and will continue to grow as we pass more legislation preventing the chemical castration of children. Social transitioning is just delayed chemical castration. It is putting the ideas of transgenderism into the minds of young impressionable children. Transgenders have higher rates of suicide and depression and face lifelong consequences from transitioning. We must defend our children from a life of regret and take a stand. We call on the Texas House, Senate, and Governor to take action next session.


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