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Texas GOP Releases The 89th Legislature Priority List

The Republican Party of Texas recently put out its list of priorities for the 89th legislature. This list of priorities was created at the GOP convention which happened in late May. This list is voted on by delegates from across the state of Texas and Texas Family Project’s main priority made it high on the list; Stop the sexualization of Texas children.

Earlier this week Texas Family Project issued a press release proclaiming our excitement that this initiative has become a main priority for the next legislative session. The press release stated, “While we believe this should be the top priority for Texas legislators, we are ecstatic that the delegates from the Republican Party of Texas convention deemed ending the sexualization of Texas children as a top priority.” 

This priority placed third on the list. The exact wording of the priority is as follows:

Stop Sexualizing Texas' Kids

Stopping the sexualization of minors, which leads to abuse, exploitation, and trafficking, by:

  • Prohibiting taxpayer funding to any entities that permit or promote sexually inappropriate content to minors and legislatively banning instruction on sexual orientation and gender ideology in schools and libraries.

  • Repealing affirmative defenses in Texas Penal Code (43.24, 43.25) and redefining "harmful materials" to remove loopholes provided by the modified Miller Test.

  • Establishing an independent Inspector General for Education to investigate fraud, waste, abuse, and criminal conduct within schools and refer findings to prosecutorial authorities.

  • Compelling superintendents to report sex crimes within schools to outside law enforcement and removing immunity from civil liability for schools and their employees.

One of the largest obstacles we’ve been faced with is the affirmative defenses in the penal codes for crimes against children. The affirmative defense limits what prosecutors can prosecute because the evil people who commit these crimes against children claim it’s for art or education, which gives them a free pass. Removing this affirmative defense will allow law enforcement to more effectively arrest teachers who act inappropriately in front of children as well as drag queens who dance, basically naked, in front of children. 

Everything else in this initiative will help children stay safer in government schools. We’ve had an outbreak of teachers committing crimes against children in Texas schools. Change needs to be made and we applaud the Texas GOP for making this a priority for all Republican legislators next session.


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