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Texas Family Project Takes on the GOP Convention

Last week, the Republican Party of Texas (RPT) held its biennial convention in San Antonio to elect new party chairs and decide priorities for the 2025 legislative session. Texas Family Project set up a booth and spoke to many of the 9,000 delegates at the largest political gathering in the free world. 

Our booth at RPT featured an interactive set, with couches and a coffee table containing a wide array of overtly sexual books commonly found in public school libraries. Delegates and exhibit hall guests who entered our booth space had the opportunity to sit down and read through these books, which all featured sexually explicit language and/or images. 

The number one takeaway from visitors at the TFP booth was that most of them didn’t realize this kind of content is widely available in Texas public school libraries. Many Texans are under the false assumption that the Woke agenda is only happening in states like California or New York and are failing to realize that it is happening in our own backyard. Our kids are being sexualized and indoctrinated from the literature in Texas public school libraries. 

Texans should be all-in on school choice. After viewing just a small sample of some of the obscene books found in Texas public school libraries, many public school teachers even recognize the need for school choice. School Choice activist Corey DeAngelis as well as Defend Our Kids: Texas Executive Director Sara Gonzales, stopped by the booth and talked with the TFP Executive Director to get his take on the future of school choice in Texas.

School choice was a major point of contention in the 2024 Republican primaries among voters and candidates. Texans are waking up to the fact that competition is needed in schools to force Woke indoctrination out. There is a philosophical difference between the Texas public school system and the values most residents hold. Allowing parents to have options outside of public schooling will force leftist teachers and administrators to reconsider their radical educational methods. 

Abortion was another major topic among delegates and other attendees at RPT. Many Texans learned that abortions are still happening in Texas, just not in the traditional sense. The abortion pill is being shipped to Texas women by out-of-state doctors, meaning officials have no ability to enforce the abortion ban. Some Republicans were weaker on the issue and believe that in order to win races we should concede on the abortion issue some, but they are wrong. In no way should the mass killing of innocent children be acceptable - that should be an issue that most Texans agree on.

The last issue that was a major topic of conversation was keeping casino gambling out of Texas. This was the only issue that had no backlash with Republican delegates. The statistics show that in casino gambling brings higher divorce rates, more foreclosures on homes, and an increase in crimes such as sex trafficking and drug possession. Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick said that as long as he was in office, any casino legislation would be dead upon arrival. It seems as though the vast majority of Republican delegates agreed with him.

Texas Family Project appreciates everyone who stopped by our booth at the GOP Convention! Texans everywhere are passionate about the issues that we stand for and we could feel that from the energy in San Antonio. The delegates and voters have made their minds up about what they want to see from the legislators this upcoming session. We must bring school choice to Texas, end the sexualization of Texas kids, stop the abortion crisis, and keep casinos off Texas land.


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