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Texas Family Project Extends Ad Campaign in Beaumont

WEATHERFORD, TX, May 15, 2023 — Today, Texas Family Project announces it has extended its ad campaign to Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan’s District. TV stations in Beaumont will continue to run Texas Family Project’s ad that Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan’s attorneys have twice attempted to remove from TV.

“The Speaker is not happy that we told people the truth. SB 12 sat in a House committee until our organization started running this ad. Our ad points out that Speaker Phelan has not publicly supported legislation that would ban children from sexually explicit drag shows. He is evidently more interested in sending cease and desist letters to TV stations than publicly supporting the bill.”

Texas Family Project Policy Director Austin Griesinger issued the following statement:

“Since our ad started running, SB 12 has been heard in committee and voted out, however, there is still a long road ahead. This bill needs to be placed on a calendar to be heard by the full House in a timely manner. We will continue running our ad until SB 12 is passed.”



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