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Weatherford, TX. March 23, 2023 - Texas Family Project President Chris Hopper applauds Lt. Governor Dan Patrick for prioritizing pro-family legislation in the Texas State Senate.

The Senate under Patrick’s watch has moved the following legislation:

  1. SB 15 to protect Women’s sports. (Passed out of committee on March 16th.)

  2. SB 12 to classify any venue that hosts drag shows for kids as “Sexually Oriented Businesses”, and would fine the company $10,000 per violation. (Scheduled for a public hearing today.)

  3. SB 1601 to eliminate funding for government venues which host drag queen story hours. (Scheduled for a public hearing on March 24th in the Senate.)

In addition to advancing these bills, Patrick has prioritized TFP supported bills protecting children from obscene books in libraries, ending child gender modification and banning critical race theory (CRT) in higher education.

Because of Patrick’s willingness to lead the fight against the anti-family left, there is a strong chance Texas Family Project’s priority bills become law.

Chris Hopper, President of Texas Family Project, issued the following statement, “We are thrilled to see the Lt. Governor boldly standing up for the family. We hope to see Patrick continue to promote our priority legislation.”


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