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Weatherford, TX. Feb.14, 2023 - Texas Family Project President Chris Hopper applauded Lt. Governor Dan Patrick for including several pro-family Senate Bills in his list of priorities for the Texas State Senate.

SB12, SB13, SB14, SB15, SB16 SB17, and SB24 all fall under Texas Family Project’s purview to protect children from obscene materials, ensure schools educate, not indoctrinate, defend the unborn, and protect girls’ and womens’ sports.

Chris Hopper commended Patrick saying, “This is a tremendous first step in ensuring pro-family legislation is passed this session. The days of those aiming to groom, pervert, and indoctrinate our children are limited. I look forward to monitoring the status of these priorities and seeing that quality bills are passed. We cannot allow the left to sexualize our children or use our education systems to indoctrinate the next generation.”

About Texas Family Project

Texas Family Project serves as the premier statewide organization engaging in politics and advocating on behalf of the family.

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