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Texas Drag Brunch Group REFUSES To Put Age Restrictions On Shows

On March 14th, 2024 Defend Our Kids: Texas issued an Action Alert for a sexually explicit drag brunch that was happening in Fort Worth, Texas. DOKT said to call their number and tell them to put an age restriction on their event but they refused.

Many people have reported that upon calling the venue they were met with aggressive words. This group has no intention of shutting down or putting an age restriction on their event despite acknowledging that this isn’t meant for children. 

The event was marketed as “16 yrs or older” but if you dig a little deeper they say that it is up to a parent’s discretion whether to bring their children or not. Once you see the footage you’ll understand why this event shouldn’t happen, especially not in front of children.

This drag show was full of jokes that weren’t funny, even to the people in attendance, and men dressed as women flailing around for 30 seconds then making their rounds to collect people’s hard earned dollars. There is no talent and it isn't entertaining. It seems as though the people in attendance are only there because they feel obligated, friends and family, or they need to hit their inclusivity quota with their friend groups.

Texas Senate Bill 12, passed in the 88th legislative session would’ve banned drag shows like these from allowing children inside. The court claims that this bill violates the 1st amendment. The 1st amendment was designed to protect the freedom of speech and expression, not dancing sexually in front of small children.

Texas needs SB 12 to go into effect so we can put an end to this madness. Attorney General Ken Paxton, now that his charges were dropped, will continue to fight against the sexualization of Texas kids.


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