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Texas Bar Cancels Disney-Themed ‘Drag’ Brunch, Blames Critics

Hannah Bleau l 9/12/2022

A Texas bar is angry after canceling what has been described as a “Disney-themed” drag brunch over the weekend, citing a barrage of “horrible DM’s,” “aggressive phone calls,” and “hateful comments.”

The drag brunch was set to take place on Sunday at Denton’s Cool Beans Bar & Grill. However, it canceled the event after it reportedly caught the attention of what the restaurant described as “certain political groups” who “have made it very clear that they aren’t happy about this event.” Because of that, management opted to cancel the event while lambasting critics for forcing them to make that decision.

“Unfortunately Cool Beans will be cancelling our Disney themed drag brunch this Sunday and we’d like to tell you why… If you have been following us for the past few years, you know that the safety of our employees and customers comes before ANYTHING else,” the restaurant said in a statement.

“Having a safe space that day, or any day, takes precedence over all else. That being said, our drag brunch has caught a lot of attention from certain political groups who have made it very clear that they aren’t happy about this event. With todays climate, it’s better to be safe than sorry and unfortunately, this is that exact situation,” it continued.

“To those of you out there who have forced us to make this decision, shame on you!” Cool Beans said of critics. “Shame on you for putting fear into us with your threats, your horrible DM’s, your aggressive phone calls, and hateful comments.”

“This is not a ‘win’ for you. We employ college aged students and you have made them fearful in a place where before this day they have felt protected and safe. Us canceling is not out of agreement, but out of fear for our employees, performers, and customers safety,” management added.

According to The Hill, the restaurant’s owner even filed a police report.

This is not the first instance of far-leftists canceling pride or drag events, citing relatively obscure safety concerns. Boise Pride Fest, which took place over the weekend, caught national attention after advertising “Drag Kids” at the event. However, the group cancelled the performance at the last minute, citing “increased safety concerns.” However, it did not provide any details, nor did the group toss the idea of having “Drag Kids” perform in the future, offering to allow them to do it at a later date:


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