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Texas AG Ken Paxton Forces Major Pornography Company To Comply

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has reached a settlement with Multi Media LLC, the operator of Chaturbate, a major pornography company. The basis of this settlement comes after Multi Media LLC failed to comply with Texas’ age verification laws passed during the 2023 legislative session. Multi Media LLC’s failure landed them in hot water with the Texas Attorney General after failing to comply with state law and left them with a hefty fine. 

Texas House Bill 1181 stipulates that a $10,000 per day fine may be imposed on pornography companies that fail to comply with age verification requirements, and a $250,000 fine if it is found that a child is exposed to pornographic content on their website. All the bill asks for is that companies create a “reasonable” age verification mechanism for their websites, but this company failed to obey and settled with a $675,000 payment to the state.

Other major pornography companies like Aylo Global, the owner of Pornhub, have been hit with lawsuits from Attorney General Ken Paxton. Pornhub responded by restricting access to the entire state rather than implementing an age verification process. 

Texas has a simple ask - find a way to prevent children from viewing pornography on adult websites - yet these companies failed to comply and even went out of their way to take drastic measures like shitting down access for the entire state. Why are these companies so opposed to shielding children from pornography? These companies have many questions to answer before they can be allowed to operate in Texas again. 

Pornography destroys the minds of children and leaves them with lifelong problems. An addiction can ruin future relationships and marriages and consequently tear families apart. These companies profit from this vice and should be subject to Texas’ new law attempting to protect children from such harm. 

There is still more work to be done in this capacity. Texas must expand requirements to possibly even force social media companies to comply with age verification laws. As it stands, Texas HB 1181 only applies to websites with more than one-third of their content being pornographic. Sites like X (formerly Twitter) still are allowed to operate with pornography on their site and no age verification. The threshold for the percentage of adult content on websites before age verification is required should be closer to one percent. 

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has shown that he is willing to fight for the family unit and to defend Texas children from the dangers of the internet. The internet has become a dangerous place for children to roam. They are being preyed upon by pornography companies on a daily basis, developing life-altering addictions and being exposed to content nobody should really see. States like Florida have taken the lead on keeping children off social media, and Texas has the opportunity to follow their lead and become the safest state for families children.


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