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Teens Charged With Felonies For Riding Scooters On Pride Mural

The state of Wahington has fallen to the woke agenda. Like Texas, pride events and pride murals are popping up everywhere in Washington. People are tired of the woke mob throwing the pride agenda in their faces and three teens from the state of Washington hit their breaking point. These teens, two of them minors, were charged with felonies facing up to TEN YEARS in prison for riding electric scooters over a pride mural, leaving skid marks.

In most major cities you will find electronic scooters for rent on the curb. Driving them around, like most motorized vehicles, will leave skid marks on the pavement where you are riding them. To get them started typically you will have to push the scooter yourself to get it going meaning these kids most likely just stopped quickly to make these marks. The mural is still fully visible and limited damage was done to it.

The charge that these teens were brought in on was first-degree malicious mischief. The nineteen-year-old’s bond was set at fifteen thousand dollars, the estimated amount of damage on the picture on the ground. The charges that these teens are facing do not match the crime committed. If you paint on a road the expectation should be that the road will be driven on and damaged naturally over time. 

Lime Scooters, the scooter rental company that these teens were using put out a statement about the incident. They condemned the actions of the boys and said they are taking immediate action to address this issue. Lime also exclaimed their commitment to homosexuality and their love and support for Pride Month.

Washington State changed around “hate crime” statutes last year in order to address people who take action against the LGBTQ’s public displays. In May, people dumped liquid on this pride mural and lit it on fire. This incident happened just after they finished repainting the entire mural. Just a day before the new hate crime statute was officially law this incident took place which would have added another potential five years to their sentence. 

The punishment does not fit the crime in this instance. People are tired of the woke mob controlling everything, even our streets. The expectation should be that if you promote your agenda to the public, opposition may happen. In the name of free speech, this mural was created and in the name of freedom of expression, it was destroyed.


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