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Teenage Student Suspended For Saying “Illegal Alien”

Illegal aliens are flooding the country in record numbers, many of whom cross over into Texas. Since January 2021, U.S. Customs and Border Protection has detained over 5.4 million border crossers and recorded at least 1.5 million additional immigrants that evaded apprehension. Illegal immigration brings a wide array of issues into U.S. communities, including spikes in crime, infrastructure overload, and educational setbacks for U.S. students in public schools. Upon entry to the United States, illegal immigrants are awarded taxpayer-funded travel, hotels, and cell phones. Even though we, the taxpayers, bear the burden of our government’s incompetency at the border, it seems as if those who question it are labeled as racist and xenophobic. In fact, a 16-year-old boy from North Carolina was recently suspended for using the term, “illegal alien” in an English class. 

Christian, the boy who was suspended, was tasked with a vocabulary assignment that had a question about the term “aliens,” to which Christian responded, “Like space aliens or illegal aliens without green cards?” Apparently, this caused another student to get angry and threaten to fight Christian. The assistant principal was called into the room and ultimately deemed his speech to be offensive, resulting in a three-day suspension. In response, Christian said, “I wasn’t speaking of Hispanics because everyone from other countries needs green cards, and the term “illegal alien” is an actual term that I hear on the news and can find in the dictionary.” 

Christian’s official school record will now show that he was suspended for “racism.” The repercussions of this could follow him for years to come. Reports say that he is an exceptional athlete, and this incident could bar him from receiving athletic scholarships or even getting accepted into any college at all. This is his punishment for accurately identifying a situation. Freedom of speech is dying in America and has been dead in the public school system. North Carolina isn’t far off from Texas politically when it comes to public schools. Something like this could happen at any time here in the Lone Star state. 

The issue of illegal immigration is continuing to rise, and Texans aren’t the only ones who have been affected. Homicides like that of 22-year-old University of Georgia student Laken Riley have happened as a result of the influx and toleration of illegal aliens. A gang of illegals in New York attacked an NYPD officer and got released from jail less than 24 hours after the incident. Prosecutors are unwilling to charge these criminals, and the federal government is unwilling to deport them all in the name of staying “woke.”  

Freedom of speech is dying in America. The punishments for it are growing more and more extreme. Texas must remain a free-speech state no matter the consequences. The border situation has had detrimental consequences and those who address the issue with the proper language are punished for it. School choice must remain a top priority for Texas to prevent situations like this from happening. Educational freedom would eliminate the unconstitutional reign of Leftist public school administrators.


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